Remarketing – Let Rudolf’s Red Nose Lead the Way

If you are like most retailers, you don’t have a 100% conversion rate. Which means you just had a ton of holiday shoppers on your website, and the vast majority of them did not convert. Should you pull back, throw the sleigh under a cover, and say, “we’ll get ‘em next holiday season”? No way. Let your remarketing guide them back onto the purchase path.

Yes, some visitors were only looking for a quick deal, and others might be out of the gift-buying mindset already, but a number of these folks interacted with your website or brand for the first time. Now is the chance to drive further engagement. Stay aggressive with your remarketing and attempt to win valuable new customers.

Like Santa after all those cookies, your remarketing audiences are likely bursting at the seams. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to those audiences right when your competitors might be pulling back. Competitive auction environments like Google or Facebook see a frenzy around the peak holiday period, but often see decreased competition and CPCs going into January. While your competitors might be trying to slim down early in the new year with quick-fix budget and bidding cuts, you can invest in your core (audiences) knowing that it will pay dividends down the road.

Another tactic to consider is keeping long-term remarketing and email lists of holiday visitors to deploy around other promotions throughout the year. After all, Valentine’s Day is just six weeks after Christmas, and birthdays and anniversaries happen all year. If your holiday visitors went a different direction with their gift buying in December, you could put them back into the market for your brand later in the year.