Remarketing – Let Rudolf’s Red Nose Lead the Way

If you are like most retailers, you don’t have a 100% conversion rate. Which means you just had a ton of holiday shoppers on your website, and the vast majority of them did not convert. Should you pull back, throw the sleigh under a cover, and say, “we’ll get ‘em next holiday season”? No way. Let your remarketing guide them back onto the purchase path.

Yes, some visitors were only looking for a quick deal, and others might be out of the gift-buying mindset already, but a number of these folks interacted with your website or brand for the first time. Now is the chance to drive further engagement. Stay aggressive with your remarketing and attempt to win valuable new customers.

Like Santa after all those cookies, your remarketing audiences are likely bursting at the seams. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to those audiences right when your competitors might be pulling back. Competitive auction environments like Google or Facebook see a frenzy around the peak holiday period, but often see decreased competition and CPCs going into January. While your competitors might be trying to slim down early in the new year with quick-fix budget and bidding cuts, you can invest in your core (audiences) knowing that it will pay dividends down the road.

Another tactic to consider is keeping long-term remarketing and email lists of holiday visitors to deploy around other promotions throughout the year. After all, Valentine’s Day is just six weeks after Christmas, and birthdays and anniversaries happen all year. If your holiday visitors went a different direction with their gift buying in December, you could put them back into the market for your brand later in the year.

Treat Your Shipping Deadline as a Stop Sign

Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be in the rearview mirror, but it’s not yet time for the fireworks of New Year’s Eve. As shipping deadlines approach and the end of the year is in sight, what should e-commerce marketers do to maintain the momentum? 

Even after shipping deadlines pass, people are still shopping for last-minute ideas or to purchase for themselves. You can run year-end sales that feature items more suited to personal purchases rather than gift giving for others. You can also test messaging that deadlines may have passed, but shoppers can sign up for special “early-bird” deals next year to escape their reputation as the procrastinating Grinch. You can then use that list to kick off your marketing ahead of next year’s holiday season.

Attention Business Owners…

This year, mobile will surpass TV / Cable ad spending by more than $6 billion, according to eMarketer’s latest ad spending forecast. By 2020, the mobile channel will represent 43% of total media ad spending in the US—a greater percentage than all traditional media combined.

According to our estimates, mobile will account for $76.17 billion of US media ad spending in 2018. That’s more than TV / Cable ($69.87 billion)—and it’s significantly more than print ($18.74 billion), and radio ($14.41 billion). By the end of 2022, mobile ad spending is expected to more than double that of TV / Cable. The channel will make up $141.36 billion of US media ad spending, while TV / Cable will account for $68.13 billion. Part of that is driven, of course, by digital video growth coming from platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

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 Are Your Gross Revenues Where You Projected At The Beginning Of The Year? How Can I Extend My Reach?

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Radical Idea – Focus on the invisible ROI

It used to be enough to focus your ad spend on lead generation and sales, but not anymore. My clients who see the greatest success are those who focus a large amount of their ad spend on Brand Awareness.

It’s not to say creating new leads isn’t important, because it is. But, you must also nurture your audience, not simply sell to them. You need to become top of mind, and you don’t do this by forcing one sales messages after another on them. It takes time to build their trust and become the “go-to” expert they need.

If you only focus on lead generation, you’ll continue to see your ad spend rise while your conversions go down.

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How Companies use geolocation data to target you

According to a recent article in the Boston Globe, Geotargeted mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising — and one of the most controversial. It has arisen in part because, as more of us use streaming and on-demand viewing services, we’re watching far fewer television ads. And because so many of us carry our smartphones at all times, digital marketers have seized the opportunity to gather and sell data on where we are, what we do — and what we might want to buy. Click on the following link to learn more…/graphi…/2018/07/foot-traffic/… .
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