Brand Management

Digital marketing has emerged as a specialism over the last decade with its origins rooted in direct marketing. The increase in the number of personal devices and theiruse means brand marketers have many more ways of communicating directly and interactively with their target consumers or customers. It’s no surprise that branding concepts should be applied to digital media and technology to develop brands through interactions with consumers on their digital devices.

Digital branding definition:

“Digital channels and assets are used to communicate a brand’s positioning (or purpose) as part of multichannel brand communication”.

Through the use of directional and creative advertising GeorgiaLocalSearch has the experience and focus to utilize multichannel communications to effectively communicate your brand to the ideal digital market.

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Targeted Display Advertising    

Targeted Display Advertising is exactly what the name implies – they are ads placed on local and national Internet sites and social channels by the GEO location of targeted prospects. When the Targeted Display Advertising is “clicked on” the Internet user is taken to the advertiser’s website or the preferred location. Targeted Display Advertising is displayed across desktops, smartphones and tablets and can be tailored to target an ideal market based on geography, gender, age, income and interests (what prospects search for, sites visited, etc.).

Targeting Options can be based on:

  • Zip Code, City, County or point of interest
  • In-market Interest (those actively seeking to purchase a specific product on the Internet)
  • Affinity (audience similar to interested in topics related to advertiser’s product or service
  • Topic / Context (users viewing content specifically related to advertisers’ product/service
  • Income
  • Gender and Age
  • Device (desktop, laptop, smartphone).

The following is an overview of the benefits of Targeted Display Ads and Geo-fencing from GeorgiaLocalSearch:

  • Personalize your online advertisements so that you can efficiently zero in your market by Geographic Location (geo-targeting zip codes, subdivisions, school districts, counties).
  • Entice your target market by “Demographically targeting”.   If you know your target demographics (example: target by age, sex, marital status, if there are children and Internet searches/interests and what can captivate them).  We can capture the identification of Internet users who search for specific categories or keywords and use this knowledge to design your Targeted Display Ads to entice and grab their attention.
  • Capturing the market through remarketing/retargeting. Do you want another run to get a second or a third chance to capture a target market?  Your target market may not be converted the first time they see your advertising; that happens quite often.  Targeted Display Advertising through remarketing are a great way to remind them of your product/service that offers a solution to a need or problem. Maybe a second visit is necessary to convert them.
  • Get the ads featured on relevant sites. Your knowledge of the interests of your typical customer to include the websites that they usually visit,  or content that they read helps specifically target your advertising, placing Targeted Display Ads on apps and search sites (examples:,,,,, visited by your target market increases your Return on Investment.  
  • Use complete transparency to your advantage. Having the ability to track or get feedback from your marketing budget is critical. Other advertising forms (print, radio, cable) can be hard to track; using Targeted Display Ads from GeorgiaLocalSearch can let you in on a monthly, weekly even daily update. This kind of information tells you whether your advertising/marketing effort is succeeding or you need to tweak it. Feedback reports can guide you to better strategies and more successful marketing.
  • Take advantage of A/B split testing (i.e. B2B and B2C). What constitutes a better strategy? Sometimes it is hard to say even when you understand your market. This is why having control in your advertising is good. You can test a strategy and change it when the feedback is not as good as you expect.
  • Enjoy lower marketing cost. Online display advertising is not expensive; With thousands of local Internet users, you can affordably reach your local target consumer.

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Social Media / Digital Agency with Concierge  

With Social Media / Digital Agency with Concierge Services, we do the heavy lifting while you run your business. Local businesses love the idea of engaging with customers on social media. They understand that Social Media was designed to be a conversation between the Internet user and businesses. GeorgiaLocalSearch develops social media marketing programs that build authentic social media relationship (conversations) between brands and consumers.  We provide social media marketing services that amplify your brand’s message on social media, generating sustainable growth based on your business goals.  With over eight (8) years of helping brands – big and small, B2B and B2C, for profile and nonprofit get more awareness, get more engagement and get more traffic. GeorgiaLocalSearch Social Media services include planning and management of content, blog topics, author scheduling, and multimedia creation, post and promote content that encourages customer participation & community engagement We build relationships with key influencers in the small business communities. This includes initiating, facilitating and helping to influence conversation online among a broad range of audiences. Develop and build relationships with key online influencers (e.g. widely followed Bloggers, users with a large number of ‘re-tweets’ on Twitter) to support content goals. This includes managing relationships so that prospects won’t have to wait for responses on social media. Analyze the external marketplace, industry trends, and public customer & competitor conversations. Understand the client’s brand, products, and customers to ensure copy meets the marketing strategy and reflects the brand. Leverage social media, if available, and website platforms to launch crowd-sourced content campaigns and contests. Partner with cross-functional resources to ensure consistency and help shape client messages.

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Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing ensures that your business is found during an Internet search when prospects search by category or keywords. GeorgiaLocalSearch works with major search engines by establishing a monthly advertising budget.  This number can ebb and flow as needed to ensure we are dedicating enough money to generate the number of prospects your business needs online, as long as we both agree on the strategy and mutual baseline for success. This budget is dedicated to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management and is not a “pay-per-lead” service. You are not paying for “leads” with GeorgiaLocalSearch, you are paying for a highly-targeting campaign online that gets us in front of potential customers.  This action allows more exposure to your website and in-turn generates new business and sales. The projected costs in a campaign changes based on the competitors in the area, the campaign performance metrics, etc. If another competitor in your area starts advertising online with a budget that is 4x yours and they bid the cost higher than you because they have the budget to do so, they will raise the cost of advertising online in your area. This is not a cost that GeorgiaLocalSearch develops, but we manage your marketing budget utilizing our proprietary technology and knowledge in the space to run our campaign as efficiently as possible.  This management includes:

  • A dedicated PPC manager
  • It allows us to track leads back to a keyword level and identify the highest performing keywords – reducing wasted ad spend
  • Managing ads that run on Google
  • Manage pay-per-click budget
  • Provide monthly reports showing the effectiveness of your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management, helping you realize your ROI.

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Reputation Management  

Reputation Management gives you control over your online presence by helping you correct online listings, respond to reviews, benchmark yourself against competitors and more. 

Your reputation is what you say about yourself and more importantly, what others say about you. Every day, customers are talking about businesses on websites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google, FaceBook and more. This chatter has a direct impact on your business revenue. It’s time to join the conversation. GeorgiaLocalSearch helps you take control of your online reputation today.

We offer a Four-step method to reputation management:

  • Hear what people are saying – we compile mentions from a variety of sources; including news sites, blogs, and social sites. Then we alert you of the positive and negative mentions using sentiment analysis.
  • Improve search rank by verifying listings – we verify the accuracy of your online business listings across review sites, directory sites, and social networks. Inconsistent listing data can lead to poor placement in search results.
  • Monitor customer feedback – GeorgiaLocalSearch pulls in major reviews websites to view overall scores and see which keywords customer are using to describe a business. Get regular reports – Executive reports break down how a business is faring in online conversations and helps you understand what to do to improve your reputation. Alerts are sent every time new information is found.

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Business Video  

Your business is unique and so is your story. You need a definitive video to bring out your unique service, product, and culture that will resonate with your prospects. Working with GeorgiaLocalSearch will ensure you have a professional video and your audience connects with your brand’s message within seconds.

Testimonial Videos

Word of mouth testimonials are like gold, just ask anyone that’s partnered with GeorgiaLocalSearch to create a client testimonial video. If you are looking to shine a light on why clients love working with your business and build trust, you are in the right place. GeorgiaLocalSearch places your best clients in the spotlight so they can tell the world why they trust you over your competitors.

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